Region 20 Sport Committees

Bowling:  Joint
Chuck Bell - CCAC North (Chair)
Frank Kaufman – CCAC Boyce (Vice Chair)
Ron Rocco – CCAC South 

Cross Country:  Joint                             
Bernard Johnson – Hagerstown (Chair)
Frank Kaufman – CCAC Boyce          
Tara Owens – Baltimore City

Golf:  Joint   
Charles Bell - CCAC North (Chair)
Frank Kaufman - CCAC Boyce (Vice Chair)
Rodney Bennett – Frederick

Lacrosse:  Joint
Diane Schumacher – Howard (W Chair)
Marc Ershler – CCBC Dundalk (M Chair)
Sue Brugh – PA Highlands
Steve Mrowka - Northern Virginia                              

Frank Syzmanski– Chesapeake (M Chair)     
Jo Ann Rogers Todaro – Prince George’s (W Chair_
Diane Schumacher - Howard                      
Derek Carter – Montgomery                       

Tennis:  Joint                                                          
Steve Bazarnic - Alleghany (M Chair)    
Donna Grove - Harford (W Chair)                  

Track & Field: Joint                                   
Diane Schumacher – Howard (Chair)
Ken Hoeltje – CCAC Allegheny (Vice Chair)
Derek Carter – Montgomery College             

Hall of Fame and Honors
Sue Brugh – Penn Highlands (Chair)
Brian Farrell – CCBC
Frank Kaufman – CCAC Boyce
Michelle Ruble – CSM

Nominations and Elections:  Joint
Frank Szymanski – Chesapeake
Chuck Bell – CCAC North 

Baseball:  Men
Shawn White – Potomac State (Chair)
Steve Bazarnic – Allegany College – DI
Steve Mrowka– Northern Virginia – DII
Dick Holler – Westmoreland – DIII

Basketball:  Men
Greg Witkop – CCBC Catonsville (Chair)
Dick Holler – Westmoreland (Vice Chair)
John Ashaolu – CCBC - DI
Shawn White – Potomac State - DII
Steve Mrowka– Northern Virginia – DIII

Basketball:  Women
Ken Krsolovic – Harford (Chair)
Jo Ann Rogers Todaro–Prince George’s (Vice Chair) – DII
Sue Brugh – Penn Highlands – DIII
Rodney Bennett – Frederick

Softball:  Women
Melissa Miller – CCBC Catonsville (Chair) - DII
John Ashaolu – CCBC . DI
Duane Herr – Anne Arundel – DIII
Ed Durham – Cecil

Volleyball:  Women
Rob Snyder – Butler (Chair)
Dennis Gibson – Garrett - DI
Michelle Ruble – CSM - DII
Sue Brugh – Penn Highlands – DIII
Marc Ershler – CCBC Dundalk

Standards and Ethics
Frank Kaufman - CCAC Boyce (Chair)
Ed Durham - Cecil
Sue Brugh - Penn Highlands
Diane Schumacher - Howard
Greg Witkop - CCBC Essex